Transtech - India 2017 - Energising the smart cities


Date : March 16, 2017
Venue : Hall No.5, BEC, Mumbai

Electrical Mirror (A leading magazine on Electrical Industry) in association with Brandscope Exhibitions conducted an International Conference cum workshop on
Power Transformers.

The conference covered the total life cycle of the power transformers with the involvement of utilities, manufacturers, service providers and other stake holders.
Each session started with a presentation by a senior expert highlighting the relevance and state of the art status of the topic of the particular session. This
was followed by a summary presentation by the Rapporteur, of all the selected presentation /case histories on the subject noted against topic of the session. The
floor was then open for panel discussion followed by question and answer round. The answers were supplemented by any expert present in workshop.
Sport contribution and experience sharing by delegates was encouraged.

Topics of the Conference

Smart City Development methods and how power transformers can play a part into it:
  • Design and Manufacture
  • Power Transformer Electrical
  • Insulation Systems
  • Transformer Efficiency
  • Monitoring and Diagnosis
  • Ageing and Life Expectancy
  • Installation and Operation
  • Real Time Monitoring Systems
  • Tapchanger - Life Assessment

Discussion 1: The inception and planning for giving birth of Power Transformer (Preparation of GTP & Specifications,Tendering and Award of Contract)
Discussion 2: From embryonic stage to infancy (Stage inspection, Final inspection & Testing)
Discussion 3: The methods for adoption of the same at the utility's premises (Dispatch, Delivery & Transportation)
Discussion 4: Care with immunization and preparatory acceptance for the new society during infancy (Installation & Erection, Pre-commissioning test & Charging)
Discussion 5: Condition monitoring practices during young and dynamic stage (Online & Offline condition monitoring & testing
Discussion 6: Health monitoring, testing and care during old age (RLA study, overhauling process etc.)
Discussion 7: Port mortem analysis (Upon accidental or natural death)

2nd - Transtech -2019 Feb,21st 2019

Call for Papers/ Case Studies

Papers or case studies in the above mentioned areas are invited from the learned authors. Papers/ case studies on subjects related to the theme of the workshop will only be considered. The papers should be based on real and of practical nature, useful to the delegates in their day to day business of call for papers. Those who wish to submit case histories/Papers may contact Mr Vineet Dagar at +91-9699807207 |+91-124-4228842 or can write to We will inform the authors whose papers are selected for the workshop. *Best paper/Case Study in each technical session shall be rewarded with a prize of INR 10,000

Coiltek India - India's first ever Confernce on Coil Winding Industry

Date : Feb 22, 2019
Venue : Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre, Pune

Topic of Conference:

  • Coil Winding Machine, The latest Technology of Coil Winding Industry
  • Innovative Winding Technologies—Innovative winding method for Electric motors for high production volumes
  • New Direct winding technologies:
  • a) Winding of Litz wire on single teeth
    b) Impact of needle winding technology on the operational behaviour of an asynchronous machines.
    c) Needle winding platform- A flexible solution & configurable solution for Low volume, High misc or Mass production
  • Analysis of the winding & production process:
  • a) Simulation of Orthocyclic windings using the linear winding technique
    b) Analysis of wire tension control principles & algorithms for highly dynamic applications
    c) Parameter identification for fault analysis of permanent magnet synchronous motors based on transient process
  • Increasing motor efficiency using new winding technology/topology
  • Developments in High speed, High quality, precision laser stripping of enamel wires for Coil Winding manufacturing applications
  • Primary winding & secondary winding
  • Custom designed Coil Winding Machines for Transformers & Motors
  • New Technology and product of Electromagnetic Wires
  • Design and Manufacture
  • Manufacturing & technologies for magnetic materials
  • The latest technical development and trends of Insulation materials
  • New designs, trends for transformer & motor & power supplies manufacturers
  • Relevent software and application, Test machines
  • Development status & trends of Indian Transformer Industry
  • The fundamentals of Coil Winding Machine automation
  • High efficiency motors for Home Appliances
  • Energy saving technology for motors
  • How is 3D printing used in Coil Winding Industry
  • The core technology of the design and parameters of permanent magnet motor
  • What new developments in Coil Winding technology are required to advance EV
  • drive motors and contribute to an electric car culture
  • New problems and solutions in the design process of Transformers
  • Electrical Insulation system performance and reliability
  • The insulation material and system for variable frequency motor
  • Technical advancements in magnet wires for HEV/EV Industry
  • Bobbin Manufacturers
  • Optimum tension for coil
  • Techniques for detecting the defects (Kaizen, 5S, Gemba)